Massage by Denne Babbin-SImon

San Soma

Located in scenic Incline Village, Nevada near the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, San Soma is a retreat from the stresses of everyday living. Founder and skilled massage therapist Denne Babbin-Simon brings more than 25 years of experience to San Soma, taking massage therapy in Incline Village far beyond simply working tired muscles. Our name was created to match our focus. San meaning healthy and Soma meaning body, we help to create healthy bodies in the clients we serve. We understand that the vitality of a healthy body helps us perform well at work and recreation. Through a massage by Denne Babbin-Simon at San Soma, we work to create increased balance and well-being in the lives of all of our clients.

OfficeLobbySan Soma is located within The Skin’d Center, which also houses Skin’d, a holistic facial and waxing business. Working together, we provide clients with more opportunities for health, beauty and well-being.

Our team consists of Denne Babbin-Simon, owner of San Soma; Rachael O’Brien, owner of Skin’d.  Massage therapist, Linda Witherspoon and a few other select therapists also work in the center, allowing us to do couples massage or massage and facial at the same time.

From all of us, we are looking forward to having you as our guest.



Denne Babbin-Simon

DenneAboutDenne graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 1988. Since then her passion for healing has led her to study and increase her portfolio of body therapies. To date Denne has acquired in-depth knowledge and practice in Zero Balancing, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Active Isolated Stretching and acupressure techniques … just to name a few. Simply stated, a massage by Denne Babbin-Simon is unlike any other. Her desire to learn new practices remains as strong as ever. She continues to deepen her knowledge of Zero Balancing and is currently studying Massage Cupping and other fascial clearing techniques.  She guides people to know their bodies and themselves in deeper, more meaningful ways, assisting them to access their own healing potential. She believes that balanced, centered, healthy people will make the world a better place. Denne has a BA in psychology and a background in movement and dance. Denne’s clear and perceptive touch facilitates healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Denne’s Top 12 List of Healthy and Fun Activities 

  1. Bike, hike, ski, swim, exercise outdoors, breathing the clean Lake Tahoe air
  2. Stretch (or go deeper and enjoy a yoga class)
  3. Build ever-deepening connections with friends and family
  4. Discover new healthy recipes using whole, fresh foods
  5. Experience the Nutragen Cleanse Plan
  6. Complete the “to do” list, or realize the whole list doesn’t need to get done all at once
  7. Enjoy a routine of daily meditation
  8. Try something new; explore, have an adventure
  9. Ask self (not ego) what is important to focus on for the day and follow the answer
  10. Relax and observe
  11. Practice gratitude and make the world a better place
  12. Get a bodywork session (of course)